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Washoe County District Attorney Chris Hicks has dedicated his career to achieving justice and serving our community.  Prior to his successful election in 2014, DA Hicks worked for over a decade as a highly effective prosecutor focusing on high-profile homicides, crimes of violence, and other crimes against persons.  Over that time he earned a respected reputation for his strength of character, passion for justice, and a keen understanding of the law.

As District Attorney, his leadership has reinvigorated the DA’s Office.  He has placed public safety, victim services, improved efficiencies, and public outreach as his top priorities within the office resulting in innovative and successful new programs and practices.  Some of these measures afford rehabilitative opportunities for those in the throes of addiction.  Others are delivering swift prosecutions and harsher sentences for the worst offenders while protecting vulnerable victims.  All are serving to make Washoe County a safer community.