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Making a difference

A Distinguished Career

Sworn in as the 37th District Attorney for Washoe County on January 5th, 2015, DA Hicks has devoted his time to achieving justice, promoting public safety, and protecting the welfare of the community. These are just a few of the accomplishments attained by the DA’s office during his service as District Attorney:

  • Creation of a hugely successful and award winning domestic violence victim program that focuses on assisting victims and improving prosecutions through early case assignment and victim outreach
  • Brought child victim and family counseling to the Child Advocacy Center at no cost to the victim or the family
  • The office‘s Family Support Division tasked with collecting child support has become the #1 child support collection agency in the State, collecting 2-3 million dollars in family support each month
  • Directed a more aggressive approach to prosecutions of violent and repeat offenders resulting in less plea negotiations, more trials, and lengthier prison sentences
  • Prosecutors have sought and received 92 life sentences against child sexual predators, an unprecedented amount in that time frame
  • Implemented public reporting of Officer Involved Shooting determinations enabling the public to review the facts and law that controlled the D.A.’s decision
  • Created a first of its kind Specialty Court Team that staffs the county’s many diversion courts seeking to rehabilitate low-level offenders with substance abuse problems
  • The hugely successful Fraudulent Check Diversion Program eclipsed $10,000,000.00 in restitution collected and returned to local businesses
  • Created online Subpoena Status system assisting victims and witnesses in better preparing for their necessary court appearances